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The Green Chef

Every Time You Eat, Is an Opportunity To Nourish Yourself!

With fresh, seasonal, versatile and locally sourced ingredients and no added preservatives or artificial enhancers, we vow to serve you super wow and nutritious food. From balanced bowls to season-specific recipes to nutritive addons, from age-old goodness of Millets to super pseudo cereals Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth to the wise Brown Rice, to some mindful indulgence in whole wheat pasta or multigrain bead - we use only fresh, quality ingredients. We at The Green Chef take your health and taste buds very seriously and ensure “you give in (to yummy food) without giving up (on your favorite delicacies)”.
Check out our "Meet our Menu" page, where we introduce you to the choicest and best ingredients thoughtfully selected as per season and nutritional richness, and created into a variety of delightful recipes, that are uniquely designed keeping in mind "The Nutritional Balance" as well as your notorious temptations- savory, spicy, cheesy, chewy, crispy and oh so sinfully sweet.

Balance in a Bowl

Brahma Bowls / Nourish Bowls

Wholesome & Balanced, Healthier Than Salads , Your Body n Soul will love The "Grain-Green-Protein" Bowl (vegan / vegetarian / non-veg).
Rice is nice

The Grain that sustains

Brown Rice - Prana for the body, Prebiotic, Rich in EAA esp Lysine myth breaker - its a great dinner meal!
Try our Brown Rice Bowls for Pranic Energy!
Millets Magic

Indigenous Wisdom

Ragi, Jowar, Bajra etc offer simplest & most valuable additions to our diets protect the heart, prevent diabetes, aid digestion etc.
Dig into the Bajra Risotto, Millets Khichadi, khakra etc.
Greatness of Ghee

The weight loss ingredient

Breaks down Fat, reduces Cholestrol, lowers GI of combined foods Rich in anti-oxidants, CLA, Vitamins etc.
Try our Ghee Roast Makhana / Seed mix, or ghee prepared recipes.
Soulful Salads

Light yet sumptuous meals

Low in Calories, High in Fibre, rich in nutrients, So light on the tummy! Try out one daily from the whole lot.
Super Pseudo-Cereals

Quinoa, Buckwheat, Amaranth

Complete Protein, non-gluten, rich in antioxidants etc.
Try our Bowls & Salads enriched with these.
Protein Power

Paneer, Tofu, Soya, Meat, Legumes, Eggs

Meet your RDA for this very crucial Macro-nutrient by consuming these Go for them in our Sumptuous Curries, Multigrain Rolls, Soulful Salads etc.
Legumes, Vegetables & Fruits

A healthy mix

Variety of these added for great amount of micronutrients, High Fibre & antioxidants.You will find them in curries, Bowls, salads and everywhere!
Supporting (Super) Stars

Makhana ,other Seeds & Nuts

Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Chia, Sesame & Lotus Seed, Walnuts n Almonds Enrich you, Nourish You with Micronutrients, Omega3, Protein, Antioxidants Topped up on salads/BBs, blended with smoothies / toasted as snacks.
Stimulating, Calming

Kokum, Matcha, Moringa, Turmeric

Kokum the antacid, Matcha affluent in antioxidants, Moringa the Magic potion, Turmeric the Healer, Try the quenching drinks concocted from these.
High on


Rated "very good" in kitchen Hygiene by Equinox consulting.
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Eat Right With Our "8 RIGHTS"

  • We cook with a smile always.
  • We work as a team and respect each other's views.
  • We work for Customer Delight not just Customer Satisfaction.
  • We cook with our heart, not just hands.
  • We love natural food ingredients.
  • we package / serve so the freshness of the food is intact.
  • The kitchen place is holy and we always keep it clean.
  • We take all feedback positively and work on it if needed.